Welcome to the Heart Centered TECH Blockchain 01


Our Philosophy

TRUST is our foundation as we strive for ownership, commodities, and goods that are verified and recorded in a tamper proof digital ledger, including our hearts. HCT enterprise blockchain ledger is built by the people that value utilizing technology to connect the human race for a better quality of life. Our members formed the first peer to peer chain from the heart and we have repeated the model in an artificial intelligence blockchain ledger.


Our People

The Heart Centered TECH Enterprise Blockchain ledger has a Subject Matter Expert in every industry. Members are only allowed to have one specialty in a company per industry thus join the trust in the blockchain.  This way, there is no competition in the ledger and every member has resources available to grow their company with the support in the heart of a blockchain enterprise.



The world of science and technology can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to provide our blockchain members with industry experts to serve the growth of their organization as well as their trust in a digital ledger that will increase analytics, deliver pure information and offer the latest in secure and  unhackable blockchain technology. A blockchain trust customized to fit our members demands in a shared ledger. This technology was once only available at enterprise rates however now, small to medium size companies have the advantages that enterprises have in the blockchain movement.